Carlos is the Deputy Director General of Social Services and Economic Management of the Autonomous Community of Galicia and also the Secretary of the Council of Social Welfare, the highest advisory and participatory body of the Galician social services system. Soon after his studies in public law and EU institutions, Carlos joined the civil service of Galicia in 2002, continuously working in management and funding of the community social services provided by the Galician municipalities ever since. His work has ranged from working in European funded projects to city twinning projects with Morocco, always with a special interest in long-term care and demographic change.

Between 2007-2016 Carlos served as Secretary of the Board of the Public Foundation for the Guardianship of Adults, an instrumental entity of the Autonomous Community of Galicia for the protection of the rights of people whose capacity to act has been judicially limited. At ESN, he has been active since 2012 also serving in our governing bodies.

Outside of work, Carlos loves cinema, theatre, literature, sports and spending time with family and friends.