Helena is a professor of Social Pedagogy since 1997 working intensely with children with special needs and in 2002 she made the transition to the field of social work. She worked for following eight years as the Institute leader. From 2010 Helena is the director of Centre for social work. Since 2012 also a member in the Board of Association of Centres for Social Work Slovenia (ACSW) and last four years among other roles also the Head of the Board of ACSW. The last three years she had been involved in the project of reorganizing the work of Slovenian CSW, prepared as a three-part reorganization plan, that is still in the process of being completed by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, hoping the ongoing reform of the CSWs will result in less administrative work for the social workers and users, effective protection laws and more time for professional work with clients. Outside of work Helena enjoys hiking, cycling and skiing with family and having special time for coffee with friends.