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Presently, I serve as the Director of the Centre of Social Work Pomurje, one of the 16 social work centers in Slovenia, covering the northeastern region. With a background in law and having successfully passed the state law exam, I transitioned to the role of Director in 2019 after a tenure as a social worker within the Social Work Centre. My experience spans various facets of social work, with a particular emphasis on child protection. Beyond my managerial responsibilities, I actively engage in the realm of family law, drafting court applications for child protection, representing the Centre in legal proceedings, and participating in inter-ministerial working groups. My commitment to professional growth is evident through continuous learning, complementing my formal education.

The Centre for Social Work Pomurje, under my leadership, exemplifies effective collaboration through the Multidisciplinary Group for the Prevention of Domestic Violence. This innovative approach, recognized with the European Social Service Award in November 2022, involves diverse professionals addressing domestic violence collectively. Our success has garnered acknowledgment from national ministries and international projects like IMPRODOVA.