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Zorana has a master’s degree in social work at the Social Work Study Centre at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb and in 2016 she completed postgraduate studies at the Catholic Faculty of Theology in Zagreb; academic title University Specialist in Management of Non-Profit Organizations and Social Advocacy.

Since 2002 she is employed in the City Administration of the City of Zagreb and for the last ten years in management positions.

In the past ten years she participated in a series of seminars and education that enriched her knowledge and skills, conferences and educations regarding the topic of preparation and implementation of projects funded from EU funds, project management, business analysis, etc. Her regular work consists of planning and implementing projects financed from European Union funds as well as national funds, with the aim of providing social services mostly to socially vulnerable and excluded persons. She coordinated projects applied on various EU calls and tenders on which the City of Zagreb was applicant or partner.

In addition to project preparation and implementation, her work also consists of co-creating the Social Policy of the City of Zagreb, which places the City of Zagreb high on the scale of cities with a modern and proactive approach in fighting against poverty.

Since 1997 she is also working as a sign language interpreter.