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Filmed as part of our two-video series on 'Investing in Children's Services' across Europe. In this clip we interview a young person in the services of Brighton and Hove City Council in Brighton, UK about his experience of using services there. His name is Befkadu (Befe) Tekle and he has come to Brighton from Eritrea, East Africa. Befe is an unaccompanied child migrant and therefore is one of the estimated 90,000 children who have claimed asylum in Europe in 2015.


We hear from Befkadu Tekle, an unaccompanied child migrant from Eritrea, now living in Brighton in the United Kingdom. He tells us about his experience in the system.

Befkadu Tekle, unaccompanied child migrant from Eritrea living in Brighton, UK: My name is Befkadu Tekle, I came from Eritrea. I came to Brighton in October 2015. I live in a  foster family in Hove and I’m really happy with them because they are really friendly and I have been with them almost one year. They are really good. When I came here I couldn’t speak English and they sent me to language school and now I am in full-time education in college [secondary school] and fostering and some other services. I’m so happy that I have got ‘paper’ for five years. I am really glad about that. That paper means I can stay in England for 5 years. [This means] I can use soe public services like education and some other services. I want to be a footballer in the future, but if I won’t be a footballer then I would like to be a nurse because I like to help people.