Meet the team

Alfonso Lara Montero
Chief Executive
Areas of work: Policy, practice and research programme management; Relations with EU institutions and external stakeholders; Secretariat Management; Governance relations; European Social Services Conference
Languages: English, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese


Valentina Guerra
Policy Officer
Areas of work: Migration, Disability, Membership
Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish



William Hayward
Junior Policy Officer
Areas of work: Programme implementation support, Members communications, Practice library
Languages: English, French



Leyre Merchán Paúles
Policy Officer
Areas of work: European semester support, Structural Funds, Older people
Languages: English, French, Spanish



Julia Charlton
Executive and administration support officer
Areas of work: Policy and data research, social media
Languages: English and French 



Projects and membership 

 Tihomir Popović
 Project and Membership Officer
 Areas of work: events planning and coordination, members and stakeholders’ relations, membership development, financial and administrative coordination
 Languages: Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian, English, French and German



 Anita Alfonsi
Senior Communications Officer
 Areas of work: Internal and external communications; Web analytics & SEO; Website; Database Management
 Languages: English, Italian, French 



 Jake Gillam-Smith
 Communications and Data assistant
 Areas of work: Internal and External communications; Database Management; European Social Services Conference  communications
 Languages: English