The Swedish Association of Social Services Directors is an independent association based in the Swedish city of Hortlax. Its primary focus is development and innovation in the Swedish social services/social welfare sector. Another important part of its work is international, and primarily European cooperation. The Association has approximately 500 members that are leaders in social services and related sectors.

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The benefit of working together for the delivery of social services

Graham Owen tells us about three themes of the FSS and a new legislation that the organisation was engaged, aiming to produce modern regulations on preventive work, accessibility of social services, and ensuring that services are based on evidence and best practice.

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Equality and efficiency: guaranteeing equal rights and possibilities for every citizen

Camilla Blomqvist introduces four approaches which help employees and managers in Gothenburg to communicate with each other and with different groups, and a political plan that was established by the City of Gothenburg based on core international frameworks protecting the rights of persons with disabilities.

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