The European Commission kick-starts the 2019 European Semester

Social services reaching out through Inclusive Activation

Soziale Dienste und inklusive Aktivierung

Supporting migrant children - towards effective social integration

I servizi sociali offrono assistenza attraverso l’Attivazione Inclusiva

Care Services Market

Most countries in Europe are experiencing challenges to meet the care needs of an ageing population. In old age, people often become frail and develop multi-morbidity conditions, which cause them to need both medical care and social care on a continuous basis.


Promoting the social inclusion of migrant children and young people: The duty of social services

The report explores the issues that emerged as crucial for social services when supporting the integration of migrant children and young people in their host societies.

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Investire nei servizi per l’infanzia, migliorare gli outcome

This is an executive summary of ESN's 3-year study into children's services across Europe, 'Investing in Children's Services, Improving Outcomes'.


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