Stimulating conversations at any conference are prompted through the diversity of delegates and the topics presented. Indeed, the European Social Services Conference (ESSC) has always provided a platform for rich discussion, particularly due to the range of innovative projects included in the conference programme. In the 2023 edition organisations presented 64 different projects from 23 countries over 3 days.

For the 2024 conference, we look forward to curating an exciting programme that highlights different approaches to enhancing personalisation and co-creation in social services. If you are working on a project that focuses on co-creating local social inclusion strategies, managing the future workforce or digital social inclusion programmes, submit your proposal to contribute to the conference programme. Presenting at the conference brings your project to an international audience, inspiring new ideas and ways of thinking.

Co-Creating Cities Social Inclusion

The increased pressure on social services in large urban areas requires innovative solutions that bring together local stakeholders to provide collaborative, tailored solutions. How has your city mitigated social issues to promote inclusion and community-based planning? We are looking forward to hearing from various levels of government supporting cities and cities themselves to inspire delegates from across the globe to lead their own local transformation programmes for social inclusion. 

Co-Creating Responses to Manage the Future Workforce

New strategies for managing the workforce of the future are urgently needed to address existing challenges relating to recruitment and retention, training, development or mobility. Has your organisation collaborated directly with social workers, carers, people using services and families to address key issues like labour intensity, gender and working conditions and development? Lead the conversation on workforce support by bringing your initiative to the 2024 ESSC.

Co-Creating Digital Solutions for Social Inclusion

Technology and digital strategies are key to developing integrated social services. Siloed services can be connected through data-sharing, providing the end user with a collaborative solution that can meet all their needs. Has your organisation gone through a digital transformation journey that ensures digital social inclusion and individual autonomy for people? Have you put in place a co-creation programme with private organisations and public authorities, or between professionals and users to develop technologies fit for purpose? Tell your story at the conference next June to guide delegates in their own digitalisation journey.

How to submit your proposal

You can submit a proposal to contribute to the conference programme in English, German, Italian, French or Spanish. The deadline to make a submission in German, Italian, French and Spanish is 17th November and the deadline for English is 24th November.

Join the conversation and help shape the future of social services!

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