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Is your organisation striving to create a more inclusive community? 

Are your projects innovative?

Are your projects impactful for beneficiaries and the local area?

If you answered yes, apply for the 2024 European Social Services Awards!

Fostering inclusion within communities is essential for social cohesion. The 2024 European Social Services Awards honour exceptional efforts in this area, celebrating outstanding initiatives and innovative practices in social services across Europe and beyond.

The theme ‘Promoting Inclusive Communities,’ highlights the importance of engagement, diversity, and accessibility in building communities where everyone feels valued. Social services play a pivotal role in addressing the needs of vulnerable populations, improving quality of life, and tackling issues like poverty, inequality, and social exclusion. 

The deadline to apply to the 2024 Awards is 12th July. Shortlisted organisations will be invited to attend an Awards Ceremony in Lisbon on 4-5th November 2024. 

The Awards feature several categories:

  • Service Delivery: Honouring programs that promote social inclusion for vulnerable populations through innovative approaches like community social inclusion programmes and integrated community care models.
  • Workforce Support: Celebrating organisations that empower their staff and neighbourhood networks through inclusive leadership, innovative training, and effective recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Collaborative Practice: Recognising initiatives that unite diverse stakeholders to create inclusive solutions, including partnerships, community engagement programs, and integrated case management approaches.
  • Research and Evaluation: Honouring research that supports the development of inclusive community services, focusing on topics like social planning, intergenerational approaches, and community-led programmes.
  • Digital Transformation: Celebrating advancements in digital tools that enhance community inclusion, such as online platforms for social services, digital literacy programmes, and innovative technology for community-based care.
  • Excellence in Communities Award: Highlighting municipalities, regions, and organisations that excel in creating inclusive and resilient neighbourhoods with integrated frameworks supporting diverse communities.

Why apply? 

Applying for the European Social Services Awards offers numerous benefits:

  • Recognition: Gain acknowledgment for your organisation's hard work and dedication to fostering inclusive communities.
  • Visibility: Increase your project's visibility on a European level, attracting attention from key stakeholders and potential partners.
  • Networking: Connect with other innovative organisations, leading to potential collaborations and shared learning opportunities.
  • Inspiration: Inspire other organisations by showcasing your success and innovative practice in social services.
  • Future Opportunities: Open doors to new opportunities, including funding, partnerships, and further development of your projects.

Applying for the Awards not only celebrates your achievements but also drives the future of inclusive community-building across Europe. Don’t miss this chance to shine a spotlight on your impactful work. Apply for the 2024 European Social Services Awards before 12th July and join the movement towards building more inclusive communities across Europe!