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Barcelona Provincial Council is a second level local administration of the Province of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. The Equality and Social Sustainability Area aims to support municipalities so that they can provide basic social services observing the conditions of equity and quality across their territory, as well as to improve the gender equality and coexistence policies, and the public health and consumption services.

Areas of Intervention

  • Children and young people
  • Families
  • Older people 
  • Migrants
  • Women
  • People who are socially vulnerable
  • Recipients of care
  • People with disabilities
  • Mental health
  • Social inclusion

Responsibilities/ Services

  • Promoting public health, well-being, personal autonomy and care institutions of need, as well as equality, social inclusion and promotion.
  • Providing economic, technological, technical and training support to municipalities to improve services to citizens and social policies’ planning.
  • Transformation of care models
  • Providing care services: Telecare, Emotional support groups for family caregivers and respite program
  •  Active-ageing programs
  • Programs for promoting emotional wellbeing of children and teenagers and support to children policies planning
  • Programs for the prevention of addictions in young people
  • Programs for promoting no discrimination, diversity policies and support for migrants
  • Assistance in cases of energy poverty
  • Programmes to ensure universal access to basic needs
  • Awareness and prevention programs in the area of gender violence
  • Actions to promote health and well being
  • Training for professionals and methodological and technological tools for local social services
Barcelona Provincial Council