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Children's safety is a concern that demands serious consideration, effort, and financial investment. Within the growth of the welfare state, public authorities have taken on the duty of guardian for those most in need and who require their supervision.

Children who are supposed to receive state care and protection are frequently excluded from the actual creation of the programmes that are supposed to be of assistance to them.

The goal of this project is to evaluate the protection and care that Catalonia's child protection system provides to children and adolescents who have been in its custody for a year or longer on an annual basis.
In order to provide technical officers and policymakers in the field of child welfare with the data necessary to support evidence-based decision-making and raise the standard of living for children in care, this project will develop a set of indicators, tools, and procedures for gathering information on children in care.

We'll ask kids, teens, and experts for their opinions using two different surveys.
The project's primary responders will be children and adolescents aged 10 to 17. They will be approached by social workers from the public authority. The sample of respondents is organised into 4 rounds of information gathering to guarantee data is representative every year.