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Reticulate is piloting an integrated system of social inclusion support through a ‘one-stop shop’ model for people furthest from the labour market.

ESN is a partner in this thirty-month project, concluding in May 2024 and led by the Association of Tuscan Municipalities (Italy). The project is funded by the European Commission’s Employment and Social Innovation Funding Strand (EaSI).

ESN is responsible for the organisation of peer reviews in Belgium and Greece, which have been identified as having a support programme relevant for the model, and advisory support based on our expertise on integrated social inclusion programmes.

ESN will also organise the final conference in April 2024.

ESN organised study visits at the Ministry of Social Affairs in Belgium and Greece while it supported the visits in Torino, Capannori and Palermo.

Read the ESN report Partnerships for Social Inclusion - Integrated Minimum Income and Social Services Programmes, produced as part of the project and based on data collected by ESN.

Reaching the final stage of the project, the Reticulate integrated systems model will be presented in several dissemination occasions: Local Seminar in Florence, National Seminar in Rome and a European One in Brussels in April 2024.

For more information, contact Francesco Capuani at