ESN’s Reference Group on the European Semester met with the European Commission to discuss social policy issues.

Following the panel session at the 2019 European Social Services Conference on the role of inspection agencies, we look back on the concept of quality in social services and how it can be achieved.

At the European Social Services Conference (5-7 June, Milan) plenary speakers and delegates shared innovative ideas and insightful experiences on how they improve services through evaluation.

Our members showcased their practices and discussed effective strategies at our working group meeting.

We took part in a strategic dialogue organised by the European Commission to review four country reports: Latvia, Portugal, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

Connecting the local practices of social services to the global sustainable development agenda is key to reach targets.

The European Commission study on Long-Term-Care (LTC) highlights the common trends in Europe such as the shift from residential to homecare services, financial issues and the expansion of informal care.

Key debates at the 26th European Social Services Conference in Seville focused on the role of technology in driving innovation in social services.

The second of our series of webinars focused on how technology driven social investment can help promote social convergence across Europe.

A new approach is needed to tackle the recruitment crisis in the sector, European Social Network chief executive tells conference.


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