Related themes

Social innovation is about finding new solutions to social problems. New methodologies like evidence-based practice or digitalisation have been key in the development of innovative initiatives in social services. These initiatives are crucial for responding to growing demand for social care and social services due to an ageing population, and for ensuring that social services maximise quality of life for people who use them.

We have placed a significant amount of attention to evidence-based practice. We have been working with our members since 2012 to explore how they understand evidence-based practice and outlining methods that social services can follow for promoting it.


We are examining with our members the opportunities and challenges that technology offers for social services through the framework of a working group on social services digitalisation and technology.

The working group is exploring different technological solutions in social services, from digitalising case-management documentation through artificial intelligence for decision-making to technology for people with reduced mobility. The Group is also discussing issues around implementation, such as how to equip staff and users with the skills to utilise new technologies.