27 Nov 2018

In Armenia we presented how innovation, evidence-based practice and data analytics in social services are driving more sustainable social welfare systems.

26 Nov 2018

Social services help people furthest from the labour market access and retain employment through coordinated support

1 Nov 2018

Social services across Europe are supporting the inclusion of migrant children and young people and their access to essential services

29 Oct 2018

We report on the key social issues and policy recommendations of social services in 24 countries in our latest report.

23 Oct 2018

The European Social Network’s (ESN) Working Group on the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) met in Brussels on 1-2 October to discuss the role of social services in eradicating poverty (SDG1).

26 Sep 2018

The role of social services in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

26 Sep 2018

The European Commission study on Long-Term-Care (LTC) highlights the common trends in Europe such as the shift from residential to homecare services, financial issues and the expansion of informal care.

25 Sep 2018

Social services supporting people furthest from the labour market will meet in Vienna to discuss effective and holistic pathways to inclusion.

25 Sep 2018

Make the social inclusion of people with disabilities a reality through a continuum of legislation, policy, and practice.

1 Aug 2018

We are launching a call for experts to provide guidance to our working group on Integrated Care and Support. Send your application if you have the required expertise.

26 Jul 2018

The 26th European Social Services Conference took place at a time of social policy change with governments across Europe implementing reforms for the devolution of social services or the recognition of social rights.

24 Jul 2018

The Council of the European Union, representing the governments of the Member States, weakened an entitlement to carers leave included in a proposed European Directive on Work-Life Balance for Parents and Carers.

24 Jul 2018

Representatives of social services meet with the European Commission through the European Social Network’s (ESN) Reference Group on the European Semester.

20 Jun 2018

New initiatives, rooted in empowerment and investment in human capital, lead the transformation of social services across Europe.

20 Jun 2018

Key debates at the 26th European Social Services Conference in Seville focused on the role of technology in driving innovation in social services.

20 Jun 2018

Social investment was at the heart of the plenary and workshop presentations at the 26th European Social Services Conference. Delegates were able to learn and discuss key tools to boost investment, such as social impact bonds and universal basic income.

20 Jun 2018

Social services in Europe are shifting towards person-led care and service users’ involvement to improve participation in society.

12 Jun 2018

The 26th European Social Services Conference took place in Seville on 27th-30th May. This was the best attended conference so far with 610 delegates from 39 countries.

26 Apr 2018

We are delighted to announce that over 500 senior professionals from Europe and beyond have now registered for the 26th European Social Services Conference in Seville.